Sunday, 20 April 2008

Help!! I've Been Tagged !!

My fellow crafter, Nicky (the Slinkyminx) has tagged me and I have to tell you 7 facts about me that you may (or maynot know). Here goes:

1. I have a huge scar running down my tummy.

2. I am married to a plumber.

3. I fulfilled one of my life's ambitions and have visited Australia.

4. I adore cats.

5. I have '2' belly buttons (long story and a bit of a running joke with OH).

6. My middle name is Margaret (after ny nan).

7. I am an Aquarian.

Thanks for reading even though it wasn't all that interesting!!! :)

I now have to nominate 5 other people to be 'tagged'.
The lucky ones are:




carian said...

Gosh! thanks for tagging me (I think!) now what should I share with you guys??? best visit my blog and find out????

sam21ski said...

Hi Sue, thanks for tagging me, I've compiled my list and it's now on my blog and I've named an shamed 5 others!!!!

Visit me at