Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Moving Home

As you will be able to tell, my blog hasn't been updated for weeks. The reason is that I've been moving house and all the hassles that go with it have prevented me from doing much crafting.
My mojo has deserted m etoo, so that hasn't helped :(
Hope to be back to normal soon.


Supermum said...

Missing you...get that mojo unpacked!!
Hope all is going well.
Sue. x

ella bella said...

good luck with the move :)
Tracy x

Joy said...

Hope your move has gone smoothly Sue and you've found all your crafting stuff xx

Ann said...

Hopefully you've settled in Sue & found your crafting goods - essentials need to be unpacked first!! xx

*Sally* said...

I adore all the postage themed art you have been doing! Hope the move is all going well. Take care and try not to break to much!
From an experience mover!!

Sally x

Minx said...

Hope it's all gone ok for you and your settling into your new home nicely, i reckon your mojo could be on holiday with mine as cant find mine either lol

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Hi Sue, sorry to hear about the lost didn't leave it behind at the old place or still packed in a box? :) I am sure it will reappear soon and in full strength after a rest. I hope the move went well. Keep well Kylie